“Do you know that one unwanted particle determines the difference between Success & fail rate of a procedure...”

Welcome to TesCRoom

TesCRoom is originated from a 20 year old well renowned Company of Clean Room Industry and that is "Perfect Air" whose prime business is to deliver complete Turnkey projects of clean room coluld help you not only to check / demonstrate whether yo installed Clean Room is working as per ISO / EUGMP guidelines but also help you to maintaining you clean room. TesCRoom team not olny helps to detect the Contamination / Leakages in your clean room but can also help you to find out how to eliminate the sources of contamination so that your end product is of eminent quality, reliable & safe for the end user.

Cleanroom investment is a Capital investment the benefits of which will be enjoyed for long term provided it should be designed very carefully. Thus before constructing a Clean Room is vital to spend good time on Design to get it right from the beginning. A poor design can turns the benefits into huge costs because in order to make it work as per the ISO and other guidelines many changes will be required to further customise the clean room to mett the standards.

Thus in order to check whether the clean room is up to the mark it is very important that the validation of clean room should be conducted by a Team who is very well versed with the Principles of Clean Room and Its working. This is the reson that one should get therir validation done from TesCRoom because our teams has been involved in consulting / planning, design engineering, project planing, construction, execution, delivery and maintenance of clean room for over 2 decades.

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