“Do you know that one unwanted particle determines the difference between Success & fail rate of a procedure...”

AMC Services

Are you looking for AMC Services? Installation of Clean room is an investment the result of which in the form of quality production facility will always give manufacturers of critical processes an edge over others in competitive market. We all know that unplanned downtime due to breakdowns and faults can prove to be expensive, in terms of both time and resources, possibly reducing the shelf life of critical samples and materials. To avoid this situation it is recommended to conduct regular maintenance to reduce the incidence of plant failure and production downtime.

Our experienced team of engineers (Mechanical & Electrical) can offer both diagnostics of any fault and can further give you the solutions or repair the cause of the breakdown in your HVAC/ CleanRoom System. Further, our validation team can validate the Clean rooms the facility on completion after the repair works.

With expertise in both mechanical and electrical elements, TesCRoom could be your new growth partner while assuring quality production facility.

Scope of Maintenance under Mechanical elements include:
• Air handling plant including fans
• Heating and cooling systems
• Ductwork, dampers, and other ancillary components
• Control, alarm, and access systems
• Air filters (pre-filters, bag filters, HEPA filters, and carbon filters)

Scope of Maintenance under Electrical include:
• Pressure, temperature, and humidity monitoring systems.
• Fan speed and flow regulating control systems.
• Door interlock and security systems
• Particle monitoring systems
• Lighting

Fittings, fabric and finishes includes:
• Cleanroom grade paint or resin wall finishes
• Doors and door furniture
• Cleanroom grade furniture
• Glazing and viewing panels
• Vinyl and Resin flooring

AMC Services

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