“Do you know that one unwanted particle determines the difference between Success & fail rate of a procedure...”

Industries we Serve

With deep expertise in Clean room Technology in many industries ranging from manufacturing, engineering, industrial, pharma and energy, we help our clients leverage services to gain competitive advantage, achieve critical business objectives and improve their business by providing solutions which help them to ensure highest quality products are developed in best manufacturing facilities.

Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturers from today faced increased pressure to deliver high-quality products to sustain in the market. We work with manufacturing and engineering companies across all industries and geographies to enhance and optimize the quality of their production facility. In manufacturing sector we have shared our work with Automobiles companies.

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Life Sciences

Life Sciences companies in the biotechnology/ pharmaceuticals/ nutraceuticals or medical devices, have unique parameters due to stringent regulatory compliance, target to deliver high-quality products while controlling operating costs. Our cost efficient reliable quality tests help them to achieve this target.

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Electronics sector

Electronics sector require a cleanroom to optimally protect electronic components against damage caused by static electricity. Electrical components are sensitive to static electricity. The cleanrooms and flow cabinets in a clean room should be constructed of anti-static (ESD) components that counteract or neutralize static charge.

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Cosmetics Sector

Cosmetics sector -Validation of cleanrooms and associated controlled environments in the cosmetics sector, need to be performed to ensure factors such as pressure, humidity, temperature and the concentration of airborne particles are properly controlled. A compliant validated production facility is very important for protecting cosmetic products from contamination caused by particles and micro-organisms because the end products will be applied to human skin should be perfectly safe to use. The Validation in cosmetics sector should not only limited to manufacturing of cosmetic products but should also performed in research and development laboratories.

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Food industry

Food industry demands best practices for hygiene should be followed. High contaminant particles which released during food manufacturing processes mandates that on regular interval a Clean room facilities must be Validated to ensure the installed HEPA filters are not chocked and production facility is working as per the applicable regulatory standards. Thus ensuring both Quality and saves cost for the Company.

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